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Reference style

Text: Indicate references by number(s) in square brackets in line with the text. The actual authors can be referred to, but the reference number(s) must always be given.

Example: '..... as demonstrated [3,6]. Barnaby and Jones [8] obtained a different result ....'

List: Number the references (numbers in square brackets) in the list in the order in which they appear in the text.


Reference to a journal publication: 

[1] N.A. Kirichenko, Large-scale structures produced on metal surfaces by multiple laser pulses, Quantum Electronics, 39 (5) (2009) 442–448.

[2] N.O. Vasetskaya, V.K. Ivanov, Radiative decays of doubly excited states of oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen ions, Optics and Spectroscopy, 105 (5) (2008) 726–731.

[3] M.S. Anikeeva, M.Ya. Vinnichenko, D.A. Firsov, L.E. Vorobjev, A.A. Tonkikh, Optical absorption in quantum dots Ge/Si at different population densities of the dots states. St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University Journal: Physics and Mathematics, 4 (158) (2012) 9–15. 

Reference to a book:

[4] Yu.P. Raiser, Gas discharge physics, second ed., Nauka, Moscow, 1992. 

[5] V.E. Privalov, A.E. Fotiadi, V.G. Shemanin, Lasers and ecological monitoring of the atmosphere, Lan, St. Petersburg, 2013.

[6] L.D. Landau, E.M. Liefshitz, Theoretical physics, Vol. 3, Quantum mechanics, Nauka, Moscow, 1989.

Reference to an internet source:

[7] V.N. Gribov, Space–time description of the hadron interaction at high energies, arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0006158. Accessed March 28, 2013.

Reference to a dissertation/thesis: 

[8] D.B. Shumkova, Optimal'noe upravlenie v zadachah s neizvestnymi granicami i podvizhnymi istochnikami. Diss. kand. fiz.–mat. nauk [Optimal control of problems with undefined boundaries and mobile sources. Cand. phys. and math. sci. diss.], Perm, 2003.

Reference to a patent: 

[9] N.I. Gorbunov, S.P. Varfolomeev, L.K. Dijkov, V.M. Marahonov, F.K. Medvedev, Fotoljuminescentnyj izluchatel', poluprovodnikovyj fotojelement i optron na ih osnove [Photoluminescent radiator, semiconductor photocell and optron based thereon], Russian Federation Patent, No. 2261502 (2005).