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Nobel Prize winner Zh.I. Alfyorov celebrates his 80th birthday

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Ryabtsev Stanislav V., Hadia Nomery Mohamed Abass, Popov Alexei E., Domashevskaya Evelina P.

A morphology of tin oxide nanocrystals obtained by gas-transport synthesis

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

An analysis of processing conditions of gas-transport synthesis of tin oxide wire-like nanocrystals is presented. The dependence of SnO[2] crystals morphology on the composition of source charge, and the gas-carrier, on oversaturation degree for vapour-phase material in the growth area of the crystals was experimentally determined. As a result of the gas-transport synthesis bulk microcrystals, fractal-like nanocrystals were obtained as well as wire-like crystals with a diameter of filaments from 1000 to 50 nm.

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Galeeva Alexandra V., Napolsky Philipp S., Istomin Sergei Ya., Ryabova Liudmila I., Khokhlov Dmitry R.

Transport properties of Sr[0.75-x]Ca[x]Y[0.25]Со[0.25]Мn[0.75-x]O[3-δ], 0 ≤ X ≤ 0.6

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

A structure and a conductivity of novel Sr[0.75-x]Ca[x]Y[0.25]Со[0.25]Мn[0.75-x]O[3-δ] complex oxides, 0 ≤ X ≤ 0.6, have been studied, in the temperature range of 4.2 К to 300 К carrier transport mechanisms for samples were investigated in d-c and a-c (20Hz - 1MHz) fields.

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Kozlovsky Eduard Yu., Spivak Yulia M., Moshnikov Vyacheslav A., Ponomareva A.A., Seleznev B.I., Ivanov Nikolai N., Jelannov Andrei V.

Transistor pHEMT structures: Studies on semiconductor heterostructure peculiarities using atomic force microscopy methods

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

In this paper investigations of surface morphology of pHEMT transistors based on GaAs were carried out by means of atomic force microscopy. Peculiarities of pHEMT technology and features, which have markedly influence upon its main parameters, are discussed. Possibilities of combinative approach, which combines etching processes and AFM study, for upgrading analytical information are demonstrated by investigation of active region of pHEMT.

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Veis Alexander N.

Peculiarities of defect formation processes in lead telluride with p-type conductivity

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

The peculiarities of defect formation processes in p-type lead telluride have been investigated using an optical absorption method at T= 300 K. in reality all the samples doped with intrinsic defects have been shown to be self-compensated and to contain anion and cation vacancies in comparable quantities, it was also found that the compensation of the acceptor action of thallium in lead telluride was realized by vacancies of tellure.

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Shalskaya Yulia A., Stukova Elena V., Baryshnikov Sergey V.

A role of the dipole-dipole interaction in ferroelectric composites

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

The influence of macroscopic particles (5—30 μт) BaTiO[3], inclusions on the ferroelectric properties of TGS polycrystalline samples are presented, it is shown that the effect of the interaction increases the temperature of the TGS ferroelectric phase transition during heating. The results obtained are discussed within the context of Ginzburg — Landau theory taking into account the dipole-dipole interaction.

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Kashevsky Boris E., Kunikin Stanislav A.

The dynamic magnetic susceptibility of rotating magnetic fluid in transverse magnetic biasing field

Published in category «Condensed matter physics»

Theoretical examination of influence of non-linear magneto-vortical interaction in the magnetic colloid rotating in a traversal field on its axial (along a spin axis) dynamic magnetic susceptibility are presented. The mechanism of the phenomenon of the magneto-vortical resonance consisting in occurrence of a maximum on dependence of an axial susceptibility from a rotation frequency near to frequency of the measuring field registered in experiments is shown.

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Sukhov Ivan B.

An insulin-receptor system and hormones degradation in the rat brain under experimental diabetes

Published in category «Biophysics and medical physics»

The functional conditions of elements of insulin signaling and insulin-degrading system in rats brain in norm and under experimental typel diabetes were studied. Under diabetes the level of insulin specific binding in brain plasmatic membranes increased twice in comparison with the control. Genes expression of IRS 2 and IDE both in hypothalamus and lag brain hemispheres in diabetic rats did not differ from normal.

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Pivovarov Dmitry V.

An application of QSAR approaches on simulating toxicity and other kinds of activity

Published in category «Biophysics and medical physics»

Some problems of theoretical study and prediction of drugs toxicity are considered. An application of QSAR analysis as a prediction way for biological drugs activity is presented.

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Kibalin Yuri A., Golosovsky Igor V., Kumzerov YuriA., André Gilles

An application of neutron diffraction methods to a study of atomic vibrations in nanostructured objects

Published in category «Atom physics and physics of clusters and nanostructures»

A review of neutron diffraction methods to study atomic vibrations is presented, and the results of nanostructured bismuth are exemplified. Internal stresses related with the bismuth property to increase its volume during solidification have been found to occur in that system.

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Korchagina Taisia T., Volodin Vladimir A.

A formation method of amorphous and crystalline silicon nanoclusters in dielectric films

Published in category «Atom physics and physics of clusters and nanostructures»

The method of formation of silicon nanocrystals and amorphous nanoclusters of silicon in the films of nonstoichiometric nitride and silicon oxide on glass and silicon substrates is considered. The method is based on using of nano- and femto- second pulse laser annealings.

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Chugrov Ivan A., Ershov Andrei A., Nezhdanov Alexei V., Mikhaylov Alexei N., Ershov Alexey V.

Photoluminescence and Raman scattering in periodic arrays of silicon nanoinclusions in zirconia dioxide

Published in category «Atom physics and physics of clusters and nanostructures»

It has been experimentally shown that high-temperature (1000-1100 °C) annealing (HTA) of a-Si/ZrO[2] and a-SiO[x]/ZrO[2] multilayered nanoperiodic (5-11 nm) structures (MNSs) gives rise to observation of intensive room-temperature photoluminescence (PL) in the range of 750-850 nm. Raman scattering spectra of MNSs confirms formation of Si nanocrystals in silicon-contained layers of the structures by HTA, that are responsible for this PL band. The influence of small Si clusters, oxide defects and defects at heteroboundaries are discussed.

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Boyarshinov Mikhail G.

A mathematical apparatus of the interval calculus for vector and tensor objects

Published in category «Mathematical physics»

To construct interval vectors and tensors the invariance of both ones with reference to coordinate axes transformation are taken into account. The basic operations with interval scalars, vectors and tensors are described. Suggested mathematical apparatus may be used to solve the applied problems in condition of information insufficiency, in fuzzy logic methods, for statistic simulation, etc.

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Kniazkov Anatoly V.

The phase-modulated holographic investigation of an induced absorption in the photo-pigment glass

Published in category «Physical optics»

The result of the investigation of the induced absorption in the photopigment glass by phase-modulated holographic method with additional phase metrical grating has been shown. The analytic expressions for the calculations of the induced absorption were obtained by second harmonic of the output beam intensity. The effect of the residual absorbing grating in the metrical phase grating has been found.

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Rudaev Yakov l., Sulaimanova S.M., Tashbaev Chingiz K.

Published in category «Physical materials technology»

The analytical solution of a problem of finding power and kinematic parameters for manufacturing operation of a thin-walled cylindrical product using the scheme of indirect extrusion has been considered. The forming process of an aluminium semifinished item was supposed to be carried out in thermal superplastic regimes.

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Berdnikov Yaroslav A., Ivanishchev Dmitry A., Kotov Dmitry O., Ryabov Victor G., Ryabov Yuri G., Samsonov Vladimir M.

Phi-meson production in relativistic protons, copper nuclei and gold nuclei collisions at √s[NN] = 62,4 GeV

Published in category «Nuclear physics»

Phi-meson resulting spectra and nuclear modification factors measured in (p + p)-, (Cu + Cu)- and (Au + Au)-collisions at = 62,4 GeV have been presented. Neither suppression, nor enhancement of phi-meson yields in (Cu + Cu)- and (Au +Au)-collisions was observed. Recombination models were shown to be a promising instrument for understanding hadron production mechanisms at intermediate transverse momentum region both at = 62,4 and 200 GeV.

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Berdnikov Yaroslav A., Golovin Alexey V., Spirin Denis O.

An analysis of multispectral radioscopic images using the segmentation data algorithm

Published in category «Nuclear physics»

The segmentation data algorithm for the radioscopic images analysis is suggested and simulating calculations results are presented. The conclusion is that the application of segmentation data makes it possible to improve definition accuracy of radioscopic images parameters.

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Alexander E. Fotiadi (on the occasion of his 70th birthday)

Published in category «Chronicle»

No abstract.

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