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Polytechnicheskaya, 29, Building NIK, room B.3.17
+7 (812) 552-6216 (10 - 18)

Preparing your manuscript

  1. Papers should be kept to a maximum of 12-20 A4 pages. The maximum number of figures should not exceed 6.
  2. The number of co-authors should not exceed 5, generally.
  3. The paper should adhere to the following structure:
    • introduction explaining the relevance of the research problem;
    • the main body detailing the problem and describing the methods adopted and the results obtained;
    • conclusion summarizing the findings and offering suggestions for further research;
    • references.
  4. Manuscript preparation guidelines.
  5. The manuscript must open with a UDC number.
  6. Abstract preparation  guidelines.
  7. Citation style guidelines. Please use Harvard style for formatting references:
    Author A.A., Author B.B., Author C.C. Title of article. Title of journal, 2005, vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 49-53.

Submitting your manuscript

  1. All papers must be submitted via the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University E-Submission system.
  2. Please note that for multi-author papers, only the corresponding author should register in the system; co-authors are added when submitting the paper.

After submission

  1. All papers are reviewed and revised through the E-submission system. Once a paper is accepted for publication, i.e. approved by the referees and the Editorial Board, the authors will receive a notification of the scheduled publication issue and date. Otherwise the authors will be informed of the reasons of rejection.
  2. If the paper is accepted, the authors are asked to sign a publishing licensing agreement.
  3. Submitted manuscripts that do not meet the formatting or the subject area requirements shall not be published or returned.
  4. In case a large number of papers are submitted, admission may stop before the stated issue deadline.